The Ford’s are adding crude oil to their book of business! The land owned by the
Ford’s is rich with Sweet Grade Crude.

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The Ford’s are adding crude oil to their book of business! The land owned by the
Ford’s is rich with Sweet Grade Crude. Ford Oil Corp. was created to bring the
harvested crude oil to market. Through private stock being sold, the equity
raised will be used to build the infrastructure. Shareholders will have the benefit
of equity and dividends quarterly. Ford Oil Corp. will look to convert public with
an IPO that is estimated in 4 years, from the time oil production takes place.
Private shareholders will reap great financial benefits getting involved at a
discounted stock price.

Along with the economic objective, the creation of jobs and stabilizing areas with
an improvement in quality of the farmer’s life in regions where projects are in
development. The tax by the Colombian government on the harvested oil will
bring additional wealth and opportunity to continue to build and invest in LATAM.

Geospatial Proof

Upon request and execution of Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement government documents can be presented for viewing providing the proof that crude oil does exist. There are two levels of oil, and the first level that will be harvested is considered ‘Sweet Grade Crude. The next level has a much higher API rating 42 – 49, with a Sulfur percent of (.0651). As production expands, the next level of crude oil will be introduced in production availability.

Crude Oil Market

Entering the crude oil market. Due to global economic demand, conflict abroad, and the rising cost and demand it is a perfect entrance to market. Current position of the crude oil project:

Mark Ford owns the land in which the oil is located

Testing has been performed on the oil (API .21 – .23, Sulphur .08)

Operations of engineering, drilling, installation of pump heads are aligned and ready to proceed once equity is received

Access to 1 – 24” pipe for the logistics of oil is already in place

Crude Oil Production

The crude oil volume is based on the following output: One pump has the ability to produce 21,000 barrels per day based on the volume ability of the 24” pipe. The goal is 4 pumps in the first round private stock equity raise.

1 pump = 21,000 barrels per day

4 pumps = 84,000 barrels per day

Monthly estimated volume with 4 pumps active = 2,520,000 barrels

Estimated cost per barrel = $110.30 (as of 4/14/22)

Sales Forecast

Sales (Green) the first year is based on the amount of crude oil harvested per month. The first two months of production are ramp up periods before maximizing output.

Crude Oil Output (Blue) based on running 4 pumps, the output per month (30 days) is 2.5M barrels. The first two month were factored as half as ramp up periods.

Projected Gross Income for the first year is $3.335 billion dollars. Gross Profit is estimated at $3.283 billion. The second year projected gross income is $6.670 billion dollars. Gross profit is estimated at$6.619 billion.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Oil Pump

Oil Drilling Rig

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