Currently, there are 4 contracts at $1B each, and one at $500M. In addition, we are in negotiations of additional contracts that will exceed $6B total. The business is there and now is the time to get involved in building a new source of crude oil for the markets.

Sales Forecast

Sales (Green) the first year is based on the amount of crude oil harvested per month. The first two months of production are ramp up periods before maximizing output.

Crude Oil Output (Blue) based on running 4 pumps, the output per month (30 days) is 2.5M barrels. The first two month were factored as half as ramp up periods.

Projected Gross Income for the first year is $3.335 billion dollars. Gross Profit is estimated at $3.283 billion. The second year projected gross income is $6.670 billion dollars. Gross profit is estimated at$6.619 billion.

Wrap up

We look forward to working with your financial institution and investing in LATAM.
Thank you for your time. Ford Oil Corp. Team

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