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Always Moving Forward Never Stopping

Moving forward with development of existing infrastructure is the only way to reuse equipment to cut down on waste.


Due to global economic demand, conflict abroad, and the rising cost of fuel now it is a perfect entrance to market.   Our current position of this crude oil project:

All testing has been performed on the oil which resulted with an API .21 – .23 and a Sulfur .082

All engineering, drilling, installation of pump heads are aligned and ready to proceed once equity is reached.

Access to 1 – 24” pipe for the logistics of oil is already in place.
While using both the top of the soil and under the ground.

Discover Unlimited resources

Already Layed Oil Pipes

Here you can see the Eco Petrol Oil Lines Already on the property. All we need to do is hook into them and let it pump.

More Lines

Herre are more solid ready to use lines that have been on the property only 5 years. These oil lines have a shelf life of about 25 years.

The Land its all found on

This is the land its all found on. This land is 16 miles wide by 21 miles long. Would take 12 days to go around it on horse back. The top will have planted sunflowers. To continue the sun flower oil process.