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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get started?

We started with Biofuel under the name Ford Biofuel Inc, then after the discovery of the crude we changed the name to Ford Oil Corporation.

Is it possible to invest or buy stock?

Absolutely,we are currently not IPO yet but we are issuing private stocks in accordance with SEC rules. you can visit the Investor page and submit an inquire to find out more. Click on this link here  The Investor Page. 

How much oil was found?

Currently there is no real way to tell the exact amount. We do understand that it would take somewhere in the neighborhood of 125+ years to extract it all out.

Do you currently have Contracts to sell the crude?

We have spoken with five of the largest Oil buyers here in Yopal. Due to policy of these companies they can not sign a contract until we start breaking ground. Which is set to start soon.

Do you know what the API and Sulfur contents are?

Unfortunately that is private information and can only be released under an NC/NDA. Please contact us for a copy of our NC/NDA to get that information.

When can we set up a meeting?

We are located in Colombia South America. You are always welcome to come here and visit with us. We would be happy to give you a tour of the property and show you the project.