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Crude oil on private land outside of Yopal, Colombia has been discovered and the Ministry of Energy and Mines has validated this find.
Now is the time to harvest the crude oil.

Our Story

Mark grew up in a farming community and as a card-carrying member of the Future Farmers of America, he knows what the soil is all about and what plants need in order to thrive. Luz’s background is banking, and this dynamic duo investigated and analyzed a variety of plants with the capacity to be an ingredient, a contribution, to the production of their bio-fuel. They grow sunflower and produce oil which is used in the biofuel, and now gearing towards producing food grade sunflower oil. Additional product under the Ford Oil Corp. portfolio.


Another of the main objectives of Ford Oil Corp. COLOMBIA S.A.S is to work with the communities, empowering them not only through the generation of employment but also through the construction of villages for the workers and their families, as well as the creation of educational, cultural, recreational and motivational activities so that they do not migrate to the big cities and stay and develop their own communities, improving their quality of life.

Private Stock Offering

Ford Oil Corp. will be issuing private stock to raise equity.

It will be determined at a later date if there will be a second round offering later in the year.

Once the contract of stock purchase is executed, a certificate of shares will be issued. Upon receipt of certificate payment will be arranged with Bank of America to conclude the purchase.


Ford Oil Corp. COLOMBIA S.A.S is permitted by Colombia S.A. to drill and harvest crude oil.

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